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Community Service

Orginizations We Support

Teen suicide prevention hotline for Clark County. The Hopeline is currently LIVE from 3pm-3am daily (360) 768-3322

The Hopeline is unique because we’re local! Advocates deal with the crisis, then plug them into face-to-face local activities with peers and mentors.

Allie’s House will be used as a home for 7 single mothers, most with children under 3 years old. The program will be individualized based on the mother’s need and will help them reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

CG has partnered with Multnomah and Capella University. Approved interns offer counseling for local kids and families. Charging just $20 per session allows CG to cover operational costs. Interns receive clinical supervision from our certified Clinical Director.

A party every Friday and Saturday night 7pm-Midnight. These will be alcohol and drug-free, proving games, live music, a coffee bar, a food court and abundant fellowship.

The Carpenter’s Garage has been helping the less fortunate in our community since 2006 and has given back over $4.46 million in discounted services. Last year alone, Carpenter’s Garage repaired 950 cars for local families in need.

Last year from the Evergreen, Vancouver and BG School Districts: 1791 local students did not have a stable home, many were unsheltered 343 of those homeless students were on their own, homeless unaccompanied by a guardian. This ministry is to house those homeless students.

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